Slide Show

We provide the source version (.ppt) of some of the slide shows to facilitate reuse by third parties for non commercial purpose. In particular, you are welcome to reuse these slides for teaching.

Yet we ask you to mention the source of the slides. Please note that a few slides are derived from books and papers and may be subject to copyright.

Please note also that in some cases the content of the slide show does not faithfully match the content of the related chapter: some sections are not (yet) covered by the slides; conversely, the slides sometimes cover material not described in the book.


An overview slide show about the book is available in Powerpoint (preferred, contains animations) and in pdf.

Each of the following files contains the slides related to a chapter of the book.

Questions and Problems

The solution booklet for the questions appearing at the end of each chapter and appendix can be obtained from the publisher.

After the book was published, more questions and problems have been generated. You can access them here (contains also the related solutions).